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Before Fela: A New Book Explores How Modern Africa Reshaped Jazz

Posted March 13, 2012 by Kelly Virella

Africa Speaks, America Listens questions and challenges cherished beliefs about the American origins and development of jazz.

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Jessica Care Moore. Photo by Wide Vision Photography/Marcia Wilson

A Poets Reunion: 20 of Brooklyn’s Best Poets Remember the ’90s

Posted March 12, 2012 by Ron Kavanaugh

The ’90s poetry scene, laden with promise, talent, and camaraderie has been displaced by motherhood, mortgages, and tenure. But for a moment last week it came alive again.

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The 411

Restaurant Settles Racial Lawsuit After Pathetic Waiters Slur A Black Customer

Posted February 15, 2012 by Kelly Virella

Overt racists are getting more and more pathetic with their passive aggressive tactics, to wit the racist restaurant receipt.

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What’s Happening in New York Theater?

Posted February 9, 2012 by Editorial Staff

DoNY theater critic Joshua Bloodworth talked with local NPR Listeners this morning about the city’s theater scene. Listen to the interview here.

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Police respond to October 1, 2011 Occupy Wall Street Protest on Brooklyn Bridge. Photo Courtesy of Flickr/_PaulS_

NYPD Must Pay $15 Million for Illegally Arresting 22,000

Posted February 8, 2012 by Kelly Virella

For almost 30 years, the NYPD has gone about arresting people under laws that state and federal courts had long declared unconstitutional, cuffing and booking almost 22,000 people, some of whom were incarcerated as a result.

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