Images of black people on the streets of New York and beyond, today and in the past. To see the captions, click on an individual photo.


  • Easter in Harlem
Good, Cheap Eats in Black New York

This is a series spotlighting great, inexpensive places to eat delicious food from the African diaspora.

Cheap Eats Prospect & Crown Heights Brooklyn

Although Brooklyn was recently named the second-most expensive city in America, it still has areas where it’s possible to get a cheap, filling and delicious meal.

5 Great Caribbean Bakeries in Brooklyn (And What They Serve)

Crown Heights’ food is representative of its inhabitants. There’s a rich tradition of Caribbean restaurants here, most of them casual and affordable. And when you live here, you’ll notice a different kind of establishment: the Caribbean bakery.

  • Our President, Barack Obama
America\'s Top Black Chefs

The black influence in the culinary world is both flavorful and far-reaching. It is black-eyed peas on a Monday afternoon, the deep sizzle of buttermilk covered chicken and vinegary steam rising from a pot of collard greens. It is also so much more than just soul food. For years, our gift has been to make something out of nothing in the kitchen. We have taken simple recipes and infused them with worldly flavors as bold and diverse as our heritage. There are thousands of African-American chefs in this country, from sous chefs, teachers, caterers, and Iron Chefs. They are creating art with food, feeding communities, and using their influence to change the face of the food scene in this country. Here are a few chefs that continue to pave the way for future culinary professionals.


  • Million Hoodies March
Dressed to the 10s

Dressed to the 10s is our weekly street fashion photo essay by photographer Melissa Elian. Each week we visit a different neighborhood to sample its fashion.

Dressed to the 10s

Street fashion, New York, style, Union Square, clothing, black fashion

Dressed to the 10s - 1 2 5 and St. Nick

Street fashion in the heart of Harlem.

Dressed to the 10s: Soho

Street fashion in the world capitol of street flyness, Soho.

Dressed to the 10s - Williamsburg

Street fashion in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn.


  • A Maiden Voyage to Africa
World\'s Collide: A New Jerseyan Goes Hunting & Fishing With the Gullahs

While on a family vacation in Beaufort, South Carolina in the summer of 2009, local relatives took photojournalist Brian Branch Price on a tour of the coastal area. He visited the beaches on Saint Helena Island and several landmarks including a local cemetery, and the Emancipation Proclamation tree, the site where legend says local slaves – the first in the nation to be freed -- gathered to hear the document read upon its enactment. <a href=\"\">Continue reading.</a>

  • Growth of Black College Grads in 7 U.S. Cities
A Maiden Voyage to Africa

May 27th my husband and I landed in Dar es Salaam, the capital of Tanzania and within hours climbed onto a ferry for the 70-mile ride across the Indian ocean to Zanzibar. These are some photos from this restorative and healing trip of a lifetime.


  • 5 Pioneering 19th Century Black Women
1992 Los Angeles Riots -- A Retrospective

Here are 24 powerful photos of the aftermath of the LA Riots, all taken by Flickr photographer Atomic Hotlinks.

  • 2012 Republican Primaries in Cartoons
Portraits of Phenomenal 19th Century Northern Blacks

Frederick Douglas, Sojourner Truth and Harriet Tubman were only three of thousands of free northern blacks who were active in the anti-slavery crusade. Each day of Black History Month, meet another.

American Race Riots

In the decade immediately preceding World War I, the marginal gains that blacks made socially, politically and economically after emancipation began to incense white supremacists and led them to launch a new wave of racial violence, aimed at stopping this progress. White mobs began attacking entire black communities, rather than isolated individuals or groups. This slideshow features seven of the deadliest of these incidents.