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Obama-NRA ad
The 411

New NRA Ad Asks: Obama’s Kids Gets Armed Guards. Why Not Yours?

Posted  January 16, 2013  by  Kelly Virella

Because you know, every American needs the same security that the President and his family get — and taxpayers should provide it.

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"Girls" added a black male love interest to its second season, a character named Sandy, played by Donald Glover.

GIRLS Season 2 Review – A Token Black Added to a Sea of White

Posted  January 13, 2013  by  Christina Lewis Halpern

Christina Lewis Halpern reviews the first three episodes of HBO’s big, new comedy.

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Black RGB
Crime Report

Crime Report: Thuggery Hits New Low, Shoots 90-Year-Old Woman

Posted  January 10, 2013  by  Kelly Virella

Plus a Greenwich Village man plans an explosion in Washington Square Park and an immigrant faces charges he killed his infant daughter.

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NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly, Courtesy David Shankbone Wikimedia Commons

NYPD Defends Stop-and-Frisk With Dumb Example

Posted  January 9, 2013  by  Kelly Virella

A young black male wearing sneakers, a hoodie and sagging pants does not constitute reasonable suspicion.

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Wisconsin State Sen. Glenn Grothman. Photo courtesy of
The 411

Wisconsin Lawmaker Declares War on Kwanzaa, Calls it Fake Holiday

Posted  January 3, 2013  by  Kelly Virella

150 years after the Emancipation Proclamation, if black people can’t celebrate Kwanzaa, what can we do, Mr. White Man?

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