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From left to right: Martin Luther King, Jr., President Lyndon Johnson, Whitney Young and James Farmer. Photo by Yoichi R. Okamoto.

Here’s What Martin Luther King Had to Say About Reverse Racism

Posted  January 21, 2013  by  Kelly Virella

We don’t have to let others tell us what MLK would have said us about reverse racism, because he addressed he issue himself. Here’s what he said.

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02. B-Boys Chill
Visual Art

The South Bronx, According to Six Nuyorican Photographers

Posted  January 20, 2013  by  Carucha Meuse

Seis del Sur is an exhibit featuring the photography of six Nuyorican photographers who grew up in the South Bronx and documented it.

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Photo Courtesy of Flickr/vpickering

Will Obama’s Gun Control Plan Help Reduce Urban Gun Violence?

Posted  January 17, 2013  by  Tracy Velázquez

If we want to have a significant impact on youth homicide, we need to look at what we’re doing that impacts older African American boys off school grounds.

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Photo courtesy of Flickr/Sea Turtle
The 411

Here’s a Full List of Obama’s 23 Gun Control Proposals

Posted  January 16, 2013  by  Kelly Virella

President Barack Obama just held a press conference announcing the release of his 23 proposals for combatting gun violence in America. Will it work?

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riding between train cars is prohibited
Subway Surrealism

Man Run Over By Subway Train While Taking Dump Between Cars

Posted  January 16, 2013  by  Kelly Virella

A new subway announcement is called for: “Please do not defecate between the cars while the train is in motion.”

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