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Rebuild the Dream
Political Analysis

A Review of Van Jones’ New Book, “Rebuild the Dream”

Posted April 19, 2012 by Joshua Bloodworth

Rebuild the Dream moves away from individual hero worship and places candidate and President Obama within a larger movement, allowing Jones to convincingly analyze the rise of the progressive left.

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Auma Obama

New Film Explores Obama’s African Roots

Posted April 13, 2012 by Michael Starkey

The 80-minute film provides a rare entrée into the president’s African genealogy and into his relationships with his African relatives.

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Esperanza Spalding’s New Album: Beautiful. Will It Get Radio Play?

Posted March 20, 2012 by Michael Starkey

Radio Music Society seems to be Spalding’s attempt to bring jazz music back to the people. I like it. But I’m not so sure it’s headed for radio.

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Black Conservative Denean Borelli: Obama Is Returning U.S. To Plantation

Posted March 9, 2012 by Joshua Bloodworth

Blacklash merely parrots all the same talking points one can hear on any right wing conservative radio or television program; maybe she is gunning for a show of her own.

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Journey Out Of the Ghetto: A Review of Katori Halls’ New Play “Hurt Village”

Posted March 2, 2012 by Kelly Virella

Katori Hall’s new play deals in a familiar trope — the black family trapped in the ghetto and seeking to get out — but takes an unusual fresh and provocative approach.

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