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02. B-Boys Chill
Visual Art

The South Bronx, According to Six Nuyorican Photographers

Posted January 20, 2013 by Carucha Meuse

Seis del Sur is an exhibit featuring the photography of six Nuyorican photographers who grew up in the South Bronx and documented it.

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Black Hand Seid
Visual Art

Jack Kirby in Black: The Legendary Comic Inspires A Remix

Posted May 18, 2012 by John Jennings

A new exhibit pays homage to comic Jewish comic Jack Kirby while remixing his style, forms and ideas to explore themes like Afro-futurism, social justice, representation, and magical realism.

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Photo by Aad Hoogendoorn
Visual Art

Am I Black Enough for You? Dutch Artists Debate Their Identity

Posted April 24, 2012 by Erik Kambel

What’s it like being a black artist in a European country? In the wake of the Swedish blackface cake, we return to a forum that some Dutch artists held in 2010 to discuss that question.

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blackface cake

Artist & Feminist Debate Meaning, Value of Blackface Cake

Posted April 20, 2012 by Various Writers

She says ‘clitoridectomy cake mades no substantive statement a bout radicalized misogyny.’ He says ‘it’s a cohesive art piece that stimulates discussion of oppression and deserves attention.’

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Elizabeth Catlett
Visual Art

Elizabeth Catlett’s (1919-2012) Advice to Young African-Americans

Posted April 4, 2012 by Kelly Virella

Before her death, Elizabeth Catlett sat down for an interview with the National Visionary Leadership project and gave a few minutes of advice to young African-Americans.

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