Dominion of New York is the digital magazine for creative and forward-thinking black people who love New York and want to make the most of their lives here. We host events and provide information that helps you connect socially, politically, culturally and economically to their community and to the rest of the city. Our name comes from the hip-hop refrain “We run New York,” which symbolizes the aspirations of the hip-hop generation for freedom and power. We abbreviate our name as DoNY  (pronounced D00 Nu York). Since beginning in August 2011 as a prototype, we’ve grown fast and gained recognition from established news organizations, reaching more than 300,000 readers. We’ve been cited by The Atlantic, Forbes, Huffington Post, ProPublica, Mother Jones and thousands more. The Awl named us one of its favorite online magazines and predicted that we’ll be a big success.  Fan us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to find out why we’re getting so much love.