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Lucia McBath
The 411

Mother of Florida Teen Killed Over Loud Music Breaks Silence

Posted  November 29, 2012  by  Kelly Virella

Lucia McBath said she doesn’t consider her son Jordan Davis’s killing a hate crime and doesn’t want it to become divisive.

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Newt Gingrich says Obama's remarks "disgraceful" and divisive. Yeah. Right.
Trayvon Martin Watch

Newt Calls Obama’s Remarks About Trayvon Martin “Disgraceful”

Posted  March 24, 2012  by  Kelly Virella

To the far right, Obama’s stance on Trayvon Martin can mean only one thing, says blogger RippDemUp, Trayvon Martin is Obama’s illegitimate son.

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The Resurrection of Nat Turner, Part 2

A Review of “The Resurrection of Nat Turner, Part 2: The Testimony”

Posted  February 17, 2012  by  Joshua Bloodworth

The novel is a well-written, humanizing fictionalized account of the life of a freedom fighter no less significant than the soldiers in the American revolution.

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Journey Out Of the Ghetto: A Review of Katori Halls’ New Play “Hurt Village”

Posted  March 2, 2012  by  Kelly Virella

Katori Hall’s new play deals in a familiar trope — the black family trapped in the ghetto and seeking to get out — but takes an unusual fresh and provocative approach.

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The Daily Photo

The Daily Photo: Passion & Fun

Posted  December 6, 2012  by  Melissa Bunni Elian

“I like ’80s style best. The clothes were about passion and fun.” — Prince, Brooklyn.

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