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Restaurant Settles Racial Lawsuit After Pathetic Waiters Slur A Black Customer

Posted  February 15, 2012  by  Kelly Virella

Overt racists are getting more and more pathetic with their passive aggressive tactics, to wit the racist restaurant receipt.

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serena williams crip walk

The Joy of Crip-Walking

Posted  August 6, 2012  by  Kelly Virella

Before you judge Serena, remember that a lot of America’s dance forms were created by outlaws.

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Photo courtesy of Flickr/Russ Allison Loar
Election 2012

Young, Black Professionals Find New Hero: Joe Biden

Posted  October 12, 2012  by  Gene Demby

A crowd of young black professionals who watched the vice-presidential debate Thursday night turned it into a sporting event.

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Wade Michael Page
Blatant Racism

In the Army Still? White Supremacists & The American Military

Posted  August 8, 2012  by  Kelly Virella

Why does the U.S. military tolerate white supremacists in its ranks?

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Photo by Melissa Bunni Elian
The Daily Photo

The Daily Photo: Quadruple Consciousness

Posted  November 27, 2012  by  Melissa Bunni Elian

‘We’re versatile. It can be hood attire, blue collar, preppy or Steve Erkle …’ — Shamell King and Denise Johnson, Queens

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