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If I Were The Middle Class White Guy Gene Marks

Posted  December 13, 2011  by  Kelly Virella

Marks’ argument is essentially a kindler-gentler version of post-Civil War racism, spruced up with a tip of the hat to the wonders of the white man’s technology. So naturally, I detest it.

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Trayvon Martin
Trayvon Martin Watch

Updated: George Zimmerman’s Father: My Son Hispanic & Not Racist

Posted  March 16, 2012  by  Kelly Virella

‘He would be the last to discriminate for any reason whatsoever …,’ the letter to the Orlando Sentinel says.

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Scot Nakagawa

Why I, An Asian Man, Fight Anti-Black Racism

Posted  May 7, 2012  by  Scot Nakagawa

Why do I expend so much effort on lifting up the oppression of black people? Because anti-black racism is the fulcrum of white supremacy.

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Emmett Till. Photo Courtesy of Flickr/Image Editor

56 Years Later, America Gets New Emmett Till … Trayvon Martin

Posted  March 18, 2012  by  Melody Ivins

A little store. Candy. The murder of a black teenaged boy by a white man or men. Surely in 56 years our society has learned something from the lynching of Emmett Till.

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Police respond to October 1, 2011 Occupy Wall Street Protest on Brooklyn Bridge. Photo Courtesy of Flickr/_PaulS_

NYPD Must Pay $15 Million for Illegally Arresting 22,000

Posted  February 8, 2012  by  Kelly Virella

For almost 30 years, the NYPD has gone about arresting people under laws that state and federal courts had long declared unconstitutional, cuffing and booking almost 22,000 people, some of whom were incarcerated as a result.

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