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January 16, 2013

Man Run Over By Subway Train While Taking Dump Between Cars

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Written by: Kelly Virella


hat would you do if you were on the subway and a sudden urge to poop overcame you?

A man on the uptown 6 train heading to 125th St, took a gamble yesterday that cost him his life.  Faced with this decision, he decided to take a dump between cars, which is almost certainly a horrible idea. He fell. And the train ran over him and killed him.

The mishap occurred around 4:30 pm. Compounding matters for rush-hour riders at the 125th St 4,5,6 station, another person was injured in a separate incident. About 20 minutes earlier, a bloodied, drunk homeless man had emerged from the tracks with a broken pelvis saying he wasn’t sure how he got down there, according to DNA Info. Trains were delayed an hour.

People die just crossing between cars, much less trying to pull their pants down, squat, stabilize themselves, poop and wipe. If you face this problem, maybe you can get off at the next stop and walk to the McDonald’s or Starbucks? As it turns out, there’s one on the same block where the man died.

I used to think the subway signs that say things like don’t surf the train — i.e. ride outside the  train cars — were ridiculous. I now realize we may need to add one that says: “Please do not defecate between the cars while the train is in motion.”

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