Dominion of New York

Dressed to the 10s

October 19, 2012

Dressed to the 10s

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Written by: Melissa Bunni Elian

This is a new weekly photo essay. Look for it on Fridays.


t is said that it takes 9 yards of fabric to make a good suit. Though most of us don’t have a tailor, we still have the urge to dress to the nines. But fashion is much more than clothing our bodies. Our style expresses our self. We dress ourselves and our minds. We are the tailor of our closets, our mindsets and when we reach for that tenth yard,  we reach for our next self. We keep the volume up, dressed to the 10s, and the streets are our catwalk. Each Friday we’ll head out into the Dominion of New York and snap shots of the fashion-forward on the go.


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Photo by Melissa Bunni Elian

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Melissa Bunni Elian
Melissa Bunni Elian
Melissa Bunni Elian is a photojournalist and writer based in Brooklyn, New York.


New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly, left to right. Photo courtesy of Flickr/Azipaybarah