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October 3, 2012

Stacy London Tells Women The Truth About Style

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Written by: Shalwah Evans


nown for her honest style opinions on TLC’s What Not To Wear, and signature Cruella Deville silver streak of hair Stacy London is used to sauntering into a room and capturing everyone’s attention. That was still the case on Tuesday night at her book party hosted by Gilt City, where she unveiled “The Truth About Style” her latest work which tells the story of nine ‘real’ women who received London-special style startovers (makeovers be damned).

The Top of the Strand lounge was packed with Prosecco drinking fashion novices, style intermediaries and London’s Style for Hire experts all with book under arm. And while the weather didn’t lend itself to the chicest of outfits, everyone showed up ready to show off their Tuesday’s best to the style expert, who was dressed glamorously in a nude lace Pucci dress and red satin Stella McCartney heels. 

…be who you are.  Celebrate who you are. 

Before taking a string of questions, London talked about her personal journey with style—a subject that only warranted a small piece of real estate in the book—where she delved into her struggle with severe psoriasis. “What Not To wear is a persona, it’s part of me.  This was an opportunity to talk about what makes me so passionate about style,” she told a crowd of eager women, waiting to rack her brain about all things fashion and style.

Dominion of New York got a quick minute to chat with London about the book, her style secrets, and her signature piece—the dress.

DoNY: You did the Today show this morning…

SL: Yes, it was weird.  I was such a nervous wreck.  I’m usually [on the show] doing a fashion segment, and today I was being interviewed.  It’s a very different feeling.

DoNY: So your book has arrived.  Dish!

SL: This is the first thing I’ve done that isn’t attached to [What Not To Wear] or attached to endorsements.  Even the first book was with Clinton and this is not, so it’s been scary.

DoNY: You say you only tell part of your story, but you really tell the story of these other women?

SL: I chose every woman in the book based on what she could contribute to a universal issue women have.  I talk about my personal relationship to whatever they’re enduring.  It’s like a memoir, self-help hybrid.  I thought people would get bored of ten chapters of my story, plus it’s not just me whose ever suffered from insecurities and fears.  To be able to shine a light on them takes the shame and the power away from them—aging, weight issues, the fear of shopping, being intimidated by the fashion industry. If I can relate to every single one of them I’m hoping then so can the reader.

DoNY: It’s very different from What Not To Wear?

I’ve been on the show for ten years but it’s a very two-dimensional role in that we don’t stray from the formula.  So you only see that style coach side of me.  Sometimes I get a little uncomfortable being Ms. Know-It-All because I don’t know it all.  My passion for style comes from the struggles I’ve had.

DoNY: What would be the key takeaways from the book?

I could sum it up in one—be who you are.  Celebrate who you are; you are so unique in everything you have to offer, comparing yourself to anyone else is a waste of time.  So dress like it.

DoNY: You are a dress maven.  Is that your go to?

I used to have an hour glass figure, but I’ve gained weight so dresses are not as easy as they once were for me.  I love them because you put one on and you’re dressed.  But dresses can be tricky, they can look unfinished and proportions are key.  Personal style can really be expressed in separates.  You’re required to put more together and you have more options to put together.  Since I’m going on tour I made a point not to wear as many dresses.

Want more Stacy London? Gilt City will also be hosting a Stacy London Style for Hire sale on October 17 based on how to dress different body types.  Check out for details.

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Shalwah Evans
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