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September 18, 2012

The Lauryn Hill Affair: An Excerpt from Wyclef Jean’s New Book

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Written by: Kelly Virella


yclef Jean released an excerpt from his new book to The book is Purpose: An Immigrant’s Story and it has everyone talking about Jean’s revelations regarding his tempestuous affair with Lauryn Hill. The affair continued even after he married and contributed to the breakup of the group.

The excerpt is hella long, so you’ll need to bookmark it. But just to wet your appetite, this is the nut of what he said about Lauryn Hill.

Lauryn and I were pursuing a dream together, and that goal, as well as our mutual love of music, was the language that brought us together. And there was an attraction there; I’m not going to lie and act as if it was just because we spent time together that we ended up together. Lauryn’s beautiful, and because of her looks and her talent and everything we shared with each other — from songs to books to lyrics — love was bound to grow. I was with both of these incredible women at the same time, which isn’t something to be proud of but it was definitely unavoidable. I couldn’t say no to either of them. I mean it when I say I loved them both, because I did. I knew this situation couldn’t last, but I didn’t care; I was going to try to work it for as long as I could.



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