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September 5, 2012

The End of Martha’s Vineyard

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Written by: Kelly Virella

Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. Photo Courtesy of Flickr/David Berkowitz


s fall approaches, New Yorkers are taking their final 2012 summer vacations. Harlem attorney and blogger Carolyn Edgar made her annual sojourn to Martha’s Vineyard and realized that it might soon be her last. There’s nothing wrong with the island. It’s just that her children are aging out of it. In a blog post, she explains why:

We first started vacationing on Martha’s Vineyard eight years ago, when my daughter was seven and my son was three. Back then, the vacation – wasn’t. It was a week of experiencing the stay-at-home-mom life, and mostly hating it. We’ve always rented a house for a week with other families and their children. And children need to be kept engaged while on vacation. They aren’t content to just lounge around in bed and on beach chairs – at least, my kids aren’t. We parents would divide and conquer. The athletic moms coordinated bike rentals and activities like parasailing and kayaking. The more sedentary moms, like me, took the kids mini golfing at Island Cove, arranged private gymnastics lessons at Island Gymnastics, and bought seafood dinners at Larsen’s so we could watch the sunset on Menemsha Beach. Continue reading.

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Kelly Virella lives in an East Harlem walk-up with her husband, her bicycle and her books. She's worked as a journalist for 11 years and started this website during the summer of 2011. She fell in love with New York City during her first visit here as a 16-year-old and finally made good on her promise to move here in April 2010.


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