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August 24, 2012

Empire State Shooter Laid Off From Job Last Year

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Written by: Kelly Virella


he man responsible for killing one and wounding up to 9 more in or around the Empire State Building had been laid off from his job last year, said New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly during a press conference this morning.

The shooter was 53-year-old Jeffrey Johnson of Manhattan. Before being laid off, Johnson worked for Hazan Imports, a company that designed women’s clothing. Hazan Imports is not inside the Empire State Building, but nearby, Bloomberg said.

During the shooting spree, Johnson killed one of his former co-workers, by shooting him in the head. Of those shot, two were women and 7 were men. Some of them may have been shot by police trying to apprehend Johnson, Bloomberg said. The wounded were not critically injured and are expected to survive. Police did not release the names of any victims.

Police found Johnson walking away from the crime scene and confronted him after receiving a tip from an unnamed construction worker, who is being hailed as a hero. “The construction worker did the right thing,” Bloomberg said. “When he saw something, he said something.”

Police shot and killed Johnson after confronting him close to the Empire State Building. When officers approached, Johnson drew his weapon and they shot him.

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