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August 24, 2012

10 Injured, 2 Killed in Shooting at Empire State Building

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Written by: Kelly Virella


shooting spree in front of the Empire State Building and inside the lobby has left 10 people injured and at least one confirmed dead, CBS News reports.

Reuters is reporting that the shooter killed one person. The NYPD has confirmed that police shot and killed the gunman during the melee. Mayor Michael Bloomberg is scheduled to hold an 11 am press conference to discuss the shootings.

A witness told CBS News:

“I was sitting outside, and I heard three shots first and I saw three people running up to Park Avenue way from the Empire State Building,” one woman told WCBS-TV. “Then we heard it again and it was like 10 to 15 shots at one time. Then we saw the whole block, like over 50 people running to Park Avenue.”

The New York Post reports that the shooting was a dispute between coworkers:

A disgruntled worker stalked a colleague down a Midtown street, shot him dead and then turned his weapon on random pedestrians outside the Empire State Building — killing at least one innocent bystander and shooting up to seven others before he was cut down by a cop on foot patrol, sources told the Post.

The New York Daily News reports that the gunman killed his boss.




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