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August 1, 2012

Florida Racist Shoots Black Man in Face, Finishes Dinner

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Written by: Kelly Virella

Walton Butler mugshot


et’s start with the “good news” for a change, shall we? This mo-fo has been arrested and charged with attempted murder with a hate crime enhancement and the victim is recuperating.

Now, check out how bold he was.

First, the shooter, 59-year-old Walton Henry Butler, started calling the kids in the apartment complex nigger, according to police. Then, when a black woman who was his neighbor stopped by with a child, to talk to him about something, he called the child a nigger too, police say. Finally, when another black neighbor, 32-year-old Everett Gant, stopped by to talk to Butler about his behavior, he pulled out a .22-caliber rifle and shot Gant in the face, police say.

To top it all off, as Gant lay bleeding just beyond Butler’s sliding glass door, Butler returned to his kitchen, called 911, finished preparing his dinner and ate, police say. When police arrived, Butler seemed startled by his arrest, the affidavit below says.

Butler was sitting at the table and was acting as if it was an inconvenienced [sic] when he was asked to stand up and put handcuffs on. He said he did not understand the problem [sic] he had only shot a nigger.

Butler is either bat-shit crazy or did not get the Civil Rights Movement memo. All I can say is that I hope his judge is black and that no one ever gives him bail.

h/t, Broward Palm Beach New Times
Butler Narrative

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