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July 17, 2012

Florida Neighborhood Rejects Trayvon Martin Memorial

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Written by: Kelly Virella

Trayvon Martin


hinking about dropping off some candles, teddy bears, roses or balloons at the site where Florida teen Trayvon Martin was gunned down during your next trip to Disney World? You might want to save yourself the time, money and frustration and skip it.

In a bid to become the worst neighborhood on Earth, residents of the Florida subdivision where Trayvon Martin was gunned down recently had a makeshift memorial removed, according to Reuters. And one resident is canvassing for signatures that would prevent the construction of a permanent memorial before the killer’s charges are adjudicated.

Frank Taaffe, told Reuters he planned to go door-to-door on Monday in the Retreat at Twin Lakes, the subdivision where Martin was gunned down, to collect signatures to protest any permanent memorial for Martin in the neighborhood.

Taaffe, echoing Zimmerman’s claim that he merely defended himself against Martin’s alleged aggression, said any memorial should await the conclusion of the trial.

“Why are we memorializing a potential – potential – aggressor?” Taaffe said.

So if Zimmerman is exonerated, will he get a memorial?

Residents say they don’t want the neighborhood associated with the killing. (Never mind that it just is.) Ever sensitive to the concerns of Martin’s family and respectful to the dead, they are worried about more important things, like their property values. Those are going down, they say, and we can’t have that now can we?

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