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April 26, 2012

Why Jesus Was A Liberal

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his post is not to get into the semantics of whether or not you believe Jesus was or not a historical figure or to incite argument as to whether he was a fable constructed to try to teach an immoral people to shun immorality. I am more than accepting of your belief, and would respectfully ask that you please miss me with that discussion today.

Now, the other day, I asked on FaceBook and Twitter the following question: “Ever wonder what if Jesus existed in the same context as before, but in today’s political climate? How would world leaders receive him?” The responses I got were all of a similar tenor; that he would have been handled similarly to the way he was the first time around.

Of course, in 2012 (most) governments don’t just sentence a dude to death, but something similarly life-ruining for the current day would be in order. Naturally, an “accidental” murder could surely take place, but we will not go there today.

Reading the responses I got, and knowing what I know from having actually read my Bible (specifically the New Testament, for the sake of this post), I arrived at the conclusion that Jesus was a liberal. I don’t care how much that last sentence will anger my conservative friends. Their depictions of him immediately strike me as untrue if only one ACTUALLY reads in the Bible what is said to have transpired. Walk with me, here…

Let us assess the company that Jesus was known to keep. He spent time with those in need: the poor, sick, immoral and otherwise downtrodden. He helped those in need, healing the sick, giving some semblance of hope to the hopeless and feeding the poor. He interacted directly with the scourge of humanity — in fact seeking out that element — and spent his time with them, bringing a select group along with him on his journeys. What he did NOT do, however, was JUDGE them.

He fed the hungry; he didn’t step over them shaking his head in disapproval over bad decisions that may have made them penniless. He healed the sick; he didn’t turn his nose up at them telling them that their sickness was some fault of their own. I don’t recall at any point in my bible reading that “God hates fags,” especially not at any statements purportedly made by Jesus. Intolerance? Didn’t he bring someone we’re to understand was a harlot into his fold? Yeah, who are WE to judge?

Funny, the story I was taught as a child and up through adulthood was one of love, charity and generally taking care of our fellow man without judgment for what they do that we may or may not agree with personally. Judgment (or nothing at all, dependent upon what you believe) will be handled by the Supreme Being waiting at the end of the line, so let Him/Her/It handle that.
These are all VERY liberal ideals, aren’t they?

What Jesus WAS against was the use of God’s name to further profit, against the mingling of the “churches” of the time and the political arena. His actions against it and his “radical” message were apparently a problem and stood in the way of his more important effort to bring people together to love one another without judgment and in peace. Well, apparently his liberal agenda was not profitable to the “1%” of 2000ish years ago, so he was fast-tracked through the criminal justice system and executed.

Which brings me back to 2012…

If Jesus, in his original context, but adjusted for 2012 applicability, existed these days, he would be labeled a “Marxist,” a “liberal extremist” and demonized as a “socialist” and would be categorically treated like a terrorist because of his skin color and quickly shunned because his message just wasn’t profitable.

Again, I am not here to change anyone’s beliefs, so those who choose not to can take the story as presented and intended, and the outcome would be the same. In about 30something A.D., Jesus was falsely accused, tried and sentenced to death for views that were simply “too liberal” for the higher-ups of his time, and nothing about how the world is nowadays suggests to me that the outcome would be any different.

Sometimes I genuinely wonder if my buddy Rick Santorum or any of his ilk REALLY understand the story of the man they claim to have this intimate understanding of despite actions directly contrary to his own. You won’t ever catch the type of person who is guilty of this admitting it, but the facts of the matter prove that Jesus himself was a liberal and was crucified for it.

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