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March 13, 2012

“Game Change” & Sarah Palin’s Latest Bright Idea

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Written by: Rippa DemUp


watched the premiere of the movie ‘Game Change’ on HBO last Saturday. I don’t know if you’ve had a chance to see it just yet, but the movie confirms what we’ve long suspected: Sarah Palin is a self-serving imbecile. Yeah, I know you conservatives are thinking: the lame-stream media bias can be a bitch. Uh huh, all of us on the left are a little too hard on the fair wench from Wasilla with all of our lies and mischaracterizations.

The one thing I must say after watching the movie, is that I have a new respect for Senator John McCain. He didn’t like the way they portrayed him as the cursing sailor, but I appreciated it. To me, he appeared more human and a lot different from the short-armed cyborg caricature on the campaign trail. What I appreciated more than that, was his refusal of the suggestion to use race as a basis for attacks on then Senator Obama.

For that, McCain is to be commended.

But anywhichaways, speaking of race and game changing idiots … Have you heard about the latest brouhaha over Andrew Breitbart’s latest failed attempt to smear president Obama? Continue reading

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