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January 4, 2012

Updated: Shit Republican Candidates Say … About Black People

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Written by: Kelly Virella

Videos number 3 and 6 are new.


ou’ve seen YouTube’s “Shit [insert race and gender here] Say” video meme, right? Well, we figured it was time to start one for our 2012 Republican primary candidates, using their actual statements.

Here’s 10 clips encapsulating their thinking about black people. Notes expounding on each video are at the bottom of the page. It’s a YouTube playlist, so you can skip ahead if you’d like.


Video 1 and 2: Newt Gingrich doesn’t say anything about race in this video, but in a C-SPAN video, he clarifies that he means poor black people:

Video 3: That’s right, Newt. Put those lazy blacks in place.

Video 4 and 5: First, Herman Cain denies the existence of racism. Then he blames it for the downfall of his campaign. Nice.

Video 6: Paul describes the Civil War — which led to the emancipation of our ancestors — as a “loss of liberty.”

Video 7: Ron Paul says that today, no one would put up a sign barring black access to public space. Right, except this woman, who got caught last month segregating a swimming pool that her tenants could access: She says the pool is private.

Video 8: In a 1996, interview with the Dallas Morning News, Ron Paul didn’t blame others for the newsletters. He defended the newsletters.

Video 9: Not to be outdone by his fellow candidates, Rick Santorum came along Sunday in Sioux City, Iowa trying to revive the image of the black Welfare Queen.

Video 10:  Bachmann and Santorum signed pledges saying African-American children were better off during slavery than today.

Video 11: Niggerhead?! Wow! That name got Herman Cain expressing some racial solidarity.

Video 12: Romney’s father probably didn’t march with King, but appears to have supported many civil rights causes. Still, Romney could have said, forthrightly, “We were wrong.”

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