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October 10, 2011

Festival of the New Black Imagination, October 15

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Written by: Kelly Virella

Rob Fields, Founder of Festival of the New Black Imagination

Rob Fields, Founder of Festival of the New Black Imagination

Date: October 15
Time: 10 AM – 5:25 pm + Dance Party. See the full schedule.
Location: Long Island University. See map.
Cost: $10 – $30


n June 9th, cultural critic Rob Fields, put his good name on the line by making an announcement on his new website. He promised the public that he would hold a first-of-its-kind festival to celebrate emerging black art. Fast-forward 5 months and the festival is occurring Saturday in Brooklyn.

The day-long festival will explore new possibilities in what Fields calls “culture-convention-defying” art through lectures, discussion and performances. A dance party follows.

Presenters include:

When Fields announced the conference on his website, he wrote: “Rather than looking backwards and airing old, tired grievances, I want us to see all of the great things that are coming out of the black creative mind and use it as a jumping off point to understand where we are now, and what some possible futures will be. More importantly, I want people to leave with not only inspiration, but also with some concrete ideas as to how they can help create the kind of future that benefits us all, one that’s inclusive, progressive, and based on across-the-board justice.”

Sounds inspiring.

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