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August 29, 2011

Africa In Color Photography

Two Wives: Nollywood I, by Michalene Thomas, at Danziger Projects

Two Wives: Nollywood I, by Michalene Thomas, at Danziger Projects

Date: Tuesdsay, August 30 through September 9, 2011
Location: Danziger Projects, 527 W 23rd St, Manhattan
Time: 8:30 AM — 5 PM


ince the mid-20th century, commercial and art photography for or by Africans has been flourishing. This Danziger Projects exhibit explores the work of 7 renowned such photographers.

Four of the them are from the African diaspora: renowned Malian photographer Malik Sidibe, South African Lolo Voleko, Samuel Fosso of the Central African Republic, New York’s Mickalene Thomas.

The exhibit, called Africolor, will be on display through September 9. Unfortunately, the gallery closes at 5:00 pm and isn’t open on weekends. If you don’t have time off, perhaps you can go there for lunch.



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